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Portrait taken in a park

Portrait taken in a park

This picture was taken 12 years ago in Bergianska trädgården in Stockholm. The portrait of people continues to fascinate me and I want to continue developing it. I use studio lighting equipment.


Träffar: 28

A day to remember

Beauty is always there and we just have to see it. This photo was taken at Fatbursparken in Stockholm Sweden.

Träffar: 55

Another day in paradise

walking in the sunset

Träffar: 57


Träffar: 121

Caminando juntos

Träffar: 48

Buscando inspiración

Träffar: 50

Beyond the feelings

Träffar: 69

Summer in progress

Carrying the camera everywhere can have its advantages. This photo was taken in Värmdö Stockholm

Träffar: 52

There’s a life behind the scenes


Träffar: 61

doesn’t matter what

doesn't matter what

doesn’t matter what

Träffar: 88